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Coney Island Avenue , Brooklyn, New York, United States

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Calle 5 norte entre la dos y la nueve, Palmarito, Tochaupan, Mexico

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Main Road Guangzhou ,Guangzhou Providence, China

Egypt Branch
San Stifano, Qism El-Raml, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Italy Branch
Via Senigallia  Milano MI, Italy

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Sunco Corp is produce grower/packer and a commodity importer/exporter. Sunco Corp is headquartered in New York, United States and has operations in the countries of United States, Mexico, China, Egypt and Italy with clientele extending to Vietnam, Japan, India, the Netherlands and more. Sunco is a company backed by experienced businessmen and is supported by politicians and CEOs with the sole goal of allocating resources to where they can be used most effectively.

Sunco is a company that succeeds by learning from our own failures. We, at Sunco, understand first hand the hardships other companies face, because just yesterday, we were going through the same situations ourselves. To say that we are a company that had smooth sailing, would be far from the truth. We have had goods arrive to destination ports damaged or perished due to shipping difficulties. We have had fields destroyed due to infections and weather. We have had production yields way below their normal capacity due to outdated production lines and equipment. We have seen perfect resources go to waste because lack of available education. We have had dishonest parties take advantage of us by offering little to no return on our products that we have spent so much time to harvest.

After spending many years and resources to create a system to overcome these difficulties, we believe we have figured out a way to perfect our operational infrastructure and business model. We also feel that it is our duty to share our experiences and resources with others to help in aiding the industry’s growth, as a whole. At Sunco, we believe that only teamwork can withstand the storms of business and that together we can work effectively in building a brighter tomorrow.

To target the lack of available education, Sunco created the TheSuncoMovement - a program that is currently being operated in multiple countries to help build schools and jobs for the local communities. To ensure timeliness and the best quality of our products upon the arrival to their destination ports, we created a sub company just to manage our freight. To target the problems that most, if not all the fields encounter, including parasitical and fungal infections or incorrect planting or harvesting methods, Sunco started a department with field consultation experts from Egypt and China, in hopes to be able to save dying fields or fix sick ones. To target problems with outdated production methods, Sunco partnered with technological and engineering experts to design almost all of our own operational equipment and machinery to assist in assembly line optimization methods to help raise the effectiveness of output capacity. To counter the wasting of precious resources, we have allianced ourselves with strong, able and willing companies worldwide to be able to share them where they would be valued the most. These companies, whom share the same visions that we do, can be found with “SuncoMovement” stamps, on their boxes to show their support.

Lastly, we feel that
in order to tackle the dishonest fraudsters, unethical business practitioners and unfair operational techniques, Sunco can only offer our partners, clients and friends our utmost sincerity, honesty, transparency and the promise to strive everyday to become a better version of ourselves. We, at Sunco, believe that goodness, unlike a tree, will not wither in time, but instead goodness is like a seed that can sprout into a forest. We believe that today is limited, yet tomorrow is endless. We believe that even in the darkest moment, it does not get darker than midnight. We believe in second chances and we believe in the underdogs, but most importantly, we believe in each other.                               


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the seed of tomorrow the seed of tomorrow Sunco “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”                            -Margaret Mead